Native Flowers Online

Modern bouquet with Australian native flowers, long lasting!


$86.00 Inc GST & Delivery


Round bouquet with Australian native flowers.

Bush Beauty

$96.00 Inc GST & Delivery


A lovely Indoor Plant, nice Gift for a House-Warming, Office or Bereavement.


$66.00 Inc GST & Delivery

A lovely Indoor Plant, we may select a spathiphyllum or philodendron as those plants are well suited for being kept indoors for long periods of time.

Modern Arrangement Created with Australian Wildflowers.


$81.00 Inc GST & Delivery

Natural earthy

Two green and one flowering pot plants arranged in a basket, a nice 'living' Gift.

Mini Garden

$95.00 Inc GST & Delivery

Sometimes you like to send a lasting gift which is not only great to display in the house but

Native Posy Style Arrangement in Ceramic Container


$97.00 Inc GST & Delivery


Lovely Native Box Arrangement, Long Lasting!


$92.00 Inc GST & Delivery


Tall arrangement with mostly native flowers but still elegant.

Town and Country

$96.00 Inc GST & Delivery

We have named this square basket arrangement 'Town and Country' because the florist has created it by using Australian native flowers as well as commercial cut flowers.



$120.00 Inc GST & Delivery

This arrangement, created in a ceramic pot, uses Australian native flowers as well as 'normal' cutflowers to enhance it's brightness.